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A physiotherapist near me, Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh PT, who is currently serving people in the city of Patna, Bihar in India has 12 years of experience in pain management and Rehab. Dr. Rajeev was born into a soldier’s family in a small place called Raghunathpur in Sathi, Siwan, India. Dr. Rajeev holds a Master of Physiotherapy from Singhania University and a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) from Allahabad Agricultural Institute Deemed University, at Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh State, India. He holds a CERTIFICATE OF MEMBERSHIP from The Indian Association of Physiotherapists.

Inspiring Remarks

Best physiotherapy services, Patna provides the best physiotherapy treatment which helps to reduce pain and improve muscle tone as well as movement. Chiropractic and Osteopathic are also specialties in this field offered by Best physiotherapy services, Patna and it is used to treat spinal problems, arthritis, joint stiffness and back problems, etc. The Chief Physiotherapist Doctor in Patna is an experienced doctor who has good knowledge about all types of muscle pains and he also specializes in sports injury rehabilitation for Cricket players, Bodybuilders, and other athletes, etc.

About Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh is one such example of people who hails from Patna and has made it big in their respective fields. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Allahabad Agricultural Institute Deemed University, known for its excellent academic and research standards. He has been recognized as the best physiotherapist doctor in Patna and has been working hard to rule hearts for years with his expertise in pain management and rehabilitation techniques.

His Journey

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh is a well-known name in the medical field. He is from Patna, Bihar, India, and has 12 years of experience in pain management and Rehabilitation services Dr. Rajeev was born into a soldier’s family In a small place called Raghunathpur Sathi in Siwan, Bihar. The journey to becoming Dr.Rajeev started when his father passed away when he was just eighteen years old. He wanted to serve people but didn’t want to be an engineer so he decided on physiotherapy because he believed it would help him impact people’s lives.

The first step was gaining knowledge about the profession and this led him to enroll in college for studying physiotherapy After finishing college. Dr. Rajeev came back to Patna and started working as a doctor in a government hospital in Patna. He then moved to private practice and started his own clinic. where the foundation stone of Sai Health Care Wellness Centre.

As the years went by, Dr. Rajeev built a great reputation as a dedicated person who could find solutions to any problem that came across his desk. The list of satisfied patients grew with every day, but what Dr. Rajeev loved most about his job was being able to make patients smile again Through all these accomplishments, Dr. Rajeev also believes that luck played its part in achieving success. Dr. Rajeev believes that there are no secrets to success; you can only work hard toward achieving your goal. And today we see Doctor.

Research Works

Dr. Rajeev is one of the top physiotherapists in Patna, Bihar, India who has been practicing for more than 12 years now and he has also been involved in several pieces of research as well. Dr. Rajeev is from Siwan, Bihar. His M.P.T (Ortho.), M.I.A.P., PGDHM, PT. (AIIMS), New Delhi, CMT (London), Harare with a specialization in Rehabilitation Medicine which is his specialization too. – Dr.Rajeev Kumar Singh

Favorite Quote

“Each body is different. Therefore each rehabilitation must be different!”

― Joerg Teichmann

Message to Youth

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh is an inspiration for youths in India and around the world who want to pursue medical careers. If you are reading this, I want to say that you are never too young or too old to make your dreams come true! And with hard work and dedication, they might just happen sooner than you think! Dr. Rajeev is living proof that there’s always a way if you have faith and courage!

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