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Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh is one of the best physiotherapists in Patna, Bihar, India who has been practicing for more than 12 years. From complete rehabilitation to preventative care, we are your one-stop shop for all your physiotherapy needs

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh Patna
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh
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Certified Physiotherapist Committed to Excellence

Certified Physiotherapist Committed to Excellence is a physiotherapy service provider in India. We aim to provide excellent physical therapy and fitness training for our clients. We have a team of highly qualified physiotherapists with the best equipment and facilities needed for the recovery of each client.

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All Your Physiotherapy Needs at One Place

Physiotherapy Treatments

Physiotherapy Treatments

The most Specialized Therapists are here with us to give you the best depending on your condition. If it’s your well-being involved, we do not take any risks.

Robotic Treatment

Robotic Treatment

Find the most advanced technological practices in Physiotherapy and move towards a quicker and more assured recovery.

Ortho and Neuro Rehabilitation

Ortho and Neuro Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation means correcting or restoring a deformity to its original functional state. It is used for humans to improve body movements.

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Meet Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh

Meet Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh

Diagnose and treat your problems effectively without wasting any time. World-class excellence in physical therapy at most affordable prices.


What Our Clients Say

After two years of pain and two rounds of physio in various places, Dr. Rajeev identified my lower back injury, treated it and prescribed exercises which resolved the problem completely. One year down the line, I am back to yoga with no back pain at all.
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Rohit Arora
He is supportive, friendly and very good at the diagnosis and treating with the right types of exercises. Currently at four months after surgery, I am almost as good as I used to be! Effective Physiotherapy Treatment. Highly recommended.
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Sujeet Mishra
I've been very happy with my experience with Complete Physio. They have been very engaged with my care, have always explained very clearly what the problems I'm experiencing are, and why, and I have seen marked improvement over time by following their advice.
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K. Singh
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